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Anchor Flight Services

Anchor Flight Services (AFS) provides professional aviation services in the form of flight instruction, aircraft maintenance, contract flying and professional consulting. Our passion is to help people achieve their personal and professional aviation goals. AFS helps customers to be "anchored" in healthy behaviors that promote and foster the highest levels of safety and professionalism, inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals. We view each client, flight student, or maintenance customer as an individual and therefore strive to meet them where they are at.

Justin Ross

President (AFS)


I have been flying since 2008, an A&P since 2012, and have enjoyed helping people reach their aviation goals as a CFI since 2016. I have a background in flight training, missionary bush flying in foreign countries and I love helping people transition to bigger, faster airplanes. As an A&P/IA, I'm also able work on your airplane conducting inspections, fixing discrepancies, or teaching you how to perform appropriate preventative maintenance as pilot on your aircraft.


I can provide flight reviews, advanced training instruction, rusty pilot instruction, and many other individual-specific training. If you are stuck on a certain concept, or if you simply need advice on how to get started in aviation, I can help guide you throughout your aviation career journey. I also specialize in mountain flying instruction and can give you the confidence you need to operate in and out of mountainous airstrips. 


I'm currently flying the Challenger 300 and King Air 350 for a Part 135 company in Southern California. For contract flying and any other inquiry, please contact me. I look forward to discussing how I can best meet your aviation needs. 


Flight/Ground Instruction: $80/hr

Aircraft Maintenance: $80/hr

Flight Review Flat Rate: $250

Annual inspections, consulting, contract flying

and other IA work, rates provided upon request.

Our Team

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